James Cowan, better known as ‘KreamArt’ an Australian Street Artist. KreamArt is recognised for his large scale murals of native animals, animations and graffiti styled designs. His passion for art started when he was only fourteen years old, learning and expanding his skills as a self-taught artist in the alleyways of Launceston, Tasmania.

Kreamart’s murals are spread out amongst Launceston and mainland Australia, where the public can view and appreciate these eye catching paintings.

In 2017, James was given the opportunity to get flown to China to produce a mural for a local gym called Love Mirror in Shanghai. He spent two weeks creating two different murals: one for Love Mirror and then went on to do another for a hotel. This trip gave him the time to learn and discover new artists and techniques for future murals. 

The International Institute of Technology,  Mumbai in India contacted Kreamart in early 2019 hoping he would be apart of their 2019 Mood Indigo Festival, which the largest cultural collage festival in the world. In December he was fortunate enough to travel to Mumbai, India for a month to collaborate with 12 other artists from around the world. He completed a massive 16ft by 40ft mural on his own for the 150,000 university students to enjoy at the festival. He chose to paint an eagle as the beacon of hope, accomplishment and ambition along side a large text reading “Dream Big” as Jame’s dreams were becoming a reality wanting to travel the world and paint murals in different countries. 

In 2020, KreamArt has been creating workshops with the youth to teach them about street art and the many different outlets you can achieve with it. He has also worked alongside different media outlets and getting interviewed by The ABC to talk more about the man behind KreamArt and what beauty Street Art can bring to a city with these small accomplishments has been recognised and nominated for the Young Australian of the Year Awards 2021.